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Alternative Rooster Feathers (10 per pack) Buy 10 Packs get 2 FREE

$10.00 - On Sale

For Every 10 Packs you Buy, get 2 packs FREE!

For every "pack" of Alternative Rooster Feather Extensions sold we will donate $1 to Locks of Love! Thank you all for helping us have the opportunity to Help this Amazing Organization! 

We have designed a humane, cruelty free and environment friendly alternative. We have commissioned a
animal cruelty free and humane manufacturing partner to create a "grizzly rooster pattern" hair extension.
These are made from a hybrid synthetic hair extension.
A great alternative to the killing of roosters!

These extensions are 15 inches in length, feature i tip attachments for easy installation, and can be safely washed, curled , crimped and ironed. ***Safe MAX Temp 330 degrees***

These do not have a spine like the rooster so "dramatic curls" may not be achieved, perfect for cutting and adding texture with a razor as well as adding product can make for many custom looks.

10 different colors featuring the grizzly rooster pattern.
pink, purple, canary yellow, royal blue-solid-, white, lime green, turquoise blue, Orange, brown, red

***new mix packs will have lite brown, cream, canary yellow, red, orange, pink, purple, lime, turquoise and white***

###Tie Dye only includes 8 per pack###

Starter pack that will include 10 extensions (1 per color), in addition each color offered separately in packages of 10.



  • (starter pack- 1 each color) - 7% in stock
  • Hot Pink - 20% in stock
  • Purple - 33% in stock
  • Canary-Yellow - 35% in stock
  • Royal Blue - 29% in stock
  • Lime Green - 22% in stock
  • Orange - 44% in stock
  • Turquoise Blue - 32% in stock
  • White - 23% in stock
  • Brown - 51% in stock
  • Red - 29% in stock
  • Cream Yellow - 83% in stock
  • Lite Honey Brown - 60% in stock
  • Tie-Dye Grizzly (8 per pack) - 20% in stock